Nishal Nandigam

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Design professional who has expertise in solving problems through user-centered design. With a background in Computer Science, is fluent in designing for ML experiences. Excels at architecting scalable design frameworks at the system-level.


Senior Product Designer, Feb 2022 - Present

Design Lead for Content Personalization on Home.

  • Home Content Design Lead reimagining the architecture and browsing experience of the Home page. Collaborated with user research, data science, and ML teams to identify user needs and product opportunities, establish new feed UX principles and best practices, and craft new methods for the user to retrieve and discover content.
  • Crafted new UI component strategy for the Spotify Home page. This involved better classifying our recommendations, creating new UI components, aligning visual language, and contributing back to the Spotify design library.
  • Personalization Design Lead for the integration of Audiobooks into the Home ecosystem. Defined user needs for audiobooks through user research, ideated on new recommendation content hypotheses and experiences, and scaled existing components for audiobooks. Collaborated with Audiobook designers across the company to align end-to-end experience.
Senior UX Designer, Oct 2021 - Dec 2021

Product strategy and design for Amazon's customer service associate contact-handling tool.

  • Designer for Amazon’s Customer Service tool for associates. Owned reimagining the tool from a retail-specific tool to an Amazon-wide platform that enables other businesses to host their customer service tools for associates to use. Responsible for developing global navigation, defining ownership, migration paths, scalable patterns, and UX documentation.
UX Designer II, Jul 2019 - Sep 2021

Product strategy and design for Amazon’s customer service experience.

  • Lead designer for Amazon’s Customer Service Chatbot. Facilitated design sprints, group ideation, and analysis to inform the future vision of the product. Defined and designed the desktop version of the chatbot. Tested, designed, and launched the chatbot in the Japan and German marketplaces.
  • UX POC for Amazon CS Machine Learning experiences. Worked to integrate ML experiences into our chatbot platform. Led an initiative to generate ML ecosystem maps that provided a high-level overview of the models we use across the customer journey and internal dev ops cycle.
UX Designer I, Jun 2017 - Jul 2019

Project strategy an design for various Amazon customer service experiences.

  • Designed an intuitive mobile experience where customers can receive technical support for their hardware orders. Validated through guerillastyle customer intercepts.
  • Redesigned the visuals and architecture of the Device and Digital Help gateway page to improve the discoverability of common problems and handle scalability issues due to the growing number of Amazon devices and digital services.
UX Design Intern, May 2016 - Jul 2016

Design strategy for Amazon’s post-purchase customer experience.

  • Redesigned and validated the experience where customers can track the progress of their shipment. Awarded a U.S. Design Patent for the ornamental design of this tracker.
  • Collaborated with Principal Designers to reimagine the design of the progress tracker UI element to reflect the new Amazon visual design style and strategy.
Quality Assurance Intern, May 2015 - Aug 2015

Software testing for Amway Business Owner web experiences.

  • Coordinated with developers and business partners to design and execute test cases to ensure usability of Amway web applications. Provided wireframes on how to improve the design of these experiences.
  • Redesigned the Amway employee directory to improve usability of the platform. Developed the front-end of the platform in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Angular.


University of Michigan, Sep 2013 - Apr 2017

Bachelor’s of Science in Information, User Experience Design Path
Minor in Computer Science Engineering


UI/UX Design



After Effects

Visual Design


Web Design