Product Lifecycle Support Mobile Redesign

Amazon, 2018


UX Designer
Project Lead


Amazon Returns & Recommerce Team


Launched August 2018
-$1.37MM in gross returns avoidance

Helping the customer get the most out of their purchase.

Can we fix an item before a customer chooses to return it? In order to stem customers from choosing to return a broken hardware item (a costly process for Amazon), we were tasked to redesign a page that provided customers with post-purchase care options.

We call it the Product Lifecycle Support (PLS) page.

The previous PLS experience. The customer can choose between talking to a technician or getting a repair.

Understanding the space

First we created a project canvas to get our heads around the space. As I had just joined this product, it was important for me to know who were the stakeholders and what work had already been done in the space. After reviewing this material, I had derived that the current experience suffers in three key areas:

Starting out right

I wanted to understand exactly what was needed from this experience, so I worked with my PM stakeholders to draft use cases.

Customer intercepts

After going through design explorations, we needed a way to get feedback to validate the direction we were heading. As we were a scrappy team and had no dedicated UX researcher, I took the initiative to do more guerrilla-style customer intercepts.

This resulted in several changes that were made to the design.

Final Design

For the final deliverable, I created a modular, card-based hub that displays all the post-purchase care options in one scrollable page.