Elev8 Preorder Experience

Good Tree Capital, 2019


Head of Design
Contract Job


Good Tree Capital


Designs handed off Q1 2019


While working with Good Tree Capital, our company got contracted by Elev8 to design and build their new website. Elev8 was opening a new storefront in Massachusetts, and was running a new promotion in which customers could buy a “golden ticket” to skip the line on opening day. With a timeline of only 2 months to design and build the experience, we worked on a fast-paced schedule in order to deliver.

Customer Journey Workshop

In order to align on the path we want customers to go down and the website architecture, I led and facilitated a workshop with the CEO of Elev8 to map out the possible customer journeys.

The customer journey we mapped out in the workshop

Creative Inspiration

In order to craft the brand style and visual language for Elev8, I looked to other websites and designs for inspiration. I prompted the CEO to give me a couple words that he feels encapsulates the brand. He sent me the words elevate, gold, alive, love, awaken. I then compiled a mood board that captured the essence of these words.

The brand moodboard that I compiled

Pattern Library

Having been inspired by the moodboard, I could start to craft the visual style of the website. To ensure consistency and help speed up design and development, I created a pattern library.

The pattern library for the website

Final designs

Here are the final designs and layouts for the pages of the website. Unfortunately, Good Tree Capital and Elev8 had some payment-related issues so we had to halt the project before it could reach development.

Home page of the proposed designs
About Us Page
Checkout - Basic info
Checkout - Wishlist
Checkout - Confirmation
Checkout - Summary