Device & Digital Help Gateway

Amazon, 2018


UX Designer
Project Lead


Amazon Digital & Devices Customer Service


Launched May 2018

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In order to get someone to their destination, you need to pave a road.

After our VP had a tough time understanding how to update his Fire TV, he visited the Device & Digital (D2) Help Gateway page to get a quick answer. This page is the top of the funnel for navigating to specific help articles about Amazon first-party devices and digital services (Echo, Fire TV, Prime Video, etc.). Unfortunately, this experience which had not been updated since 2013, and had a host of issues that proved too frustrating to be usable. When your VP complains, something has to be done.

Here's how I redesigned the D2 Help Gateway to be a support experience that is relevant and usable.

The customer's journey from issue discovery to help article.

Understanding the jouney through all angles

In order to decipher the main painpoints with the D2 Help Gateway, I conducted several studies.

I facilitated a workshop at our Amazon Call Center with 7 D2 CSAs.

Competitive Analysis

After understanding the issues with our page, we wanted to see how other companies addressed these problems.

These are some of the examples of other help landing pages. I gathered examples from over 20 companies.


With ample research about the customer journey and the painpoints that our customers faced, I started our initial ideation through sketching. I focused on bringing self-service actions to the forefront, improving the ability to locate a specific device, and providing relevant information and links.

An example sketch. We would soon find out that we would be working against many tech constraints, such as a faulty search functionality and broken algorithm to determine recent devices

Final Design

After many iterations and questions about feasibility, we were able to land on a solution that provided key improvements.